The Scoop: Flameworthy

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. – Erin Majors

We live in a world where we bring people down. We think we have to in order to win, to make ourselves look better, to feel superior. Somewhere along the way, we have gotten the message that life only has room for so many people at the top, and if we aren’t selfish, the train will leave before we ever make it to the station.

So, we mock. We ridicule. We judge. We bully. We humiliate. We abuse. Now, I’m certainly not stating that every one of us is guilty of all those things, but raise your hand if somewhere along the way, you have done one or more of those things (perhaps, even recently).


If your hand isn’t up, then (1) I applaud you, or (2) read here then (3) stay tuned for a future blog post on honest self-evaluation then, and try again.

Shouldn’t we be spending more time using our words and actions to lift people up to great things? Have we not realized that there is enough success and enough good fortune in this world to go around for everyone?

No, not everyone deserves a trophy. No, not everyone deserves to have their hand held through life. I get that. But no one deserves to be treated as inferior and drug down, by our words or actions.

Yes, we should have high expectations for people. Yes, we should push people to strive for success, instead of handing it to them. But yes, we should be able to share the stage and bring other people on stage with us.

I used to think that the point of winning was so that things could be about how well I did. Now, I know that I don’t win unless I have made it a point to showcase how well they did.

Speak greatness into others. Build people up. Share credit.

Put in the work to light your own candle, and start lighting the candles of those around you.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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