Daily Short-hOPT: Knowledge from Bob

“Open your eyes. Look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” Bob Marley

A lot of what we have dealt with thus far in this endeavor is the positive and optimistic empowerment of self. It is our conviction that being self-aware and ultimately selfless is a key principle to being happy and making those around you happy. (That’s what we’re here for, right?) But, in a sort of selfish sense, this shift in thinking requires introspection. It’s important to try to understand what makes you tick because that knowledge allows you the benefit of understanding why and how certain things affect you.

Given, Bob’s quote wasn’t dealing primarily with the betterment of oneself, although it likely was to a degree. What is at the crux of the quote is, if you took the time to think about where you are, who you have surrounded yourself with and what you believe to be important, would you be happy with your path, or would you realize some things need to change in order to better yourself?

A recurring theme in our blog is how you deal with how you feel. Often, how we feel is the direct result of interactions with others. Through countless conversations with Noah, Amber and others, what I have realized is that how others make you feel is not necessarily their doing, but how your perception eventually controlled your emotions. Generally, negative interactions and circumstances trigger something in you, like insecurities, perceived shortcomings or fear.

Amber and I took pre-marital counseling leading up to our wedding day with Pastor Will Stevens from One Hope Community Church. One thing (from many) that I still recall from those sessions was a statement he made: “Nobody can make you feel any way that you don’t want to feel.” In essence, you control you, and how you react to your external circumstances is completely within your control. So, the idea is, figure out you, and be better at it.

Lastly, when all else fails, listen to some Bob. It’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to Bob Marley.

Have an awesome Wednesday,


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