Daily Short-hOPT: Justice “Integrity”

Great leaders never drift away from those disciplines they expect of others. – Unknown

Yesterday, I attended the funeral mass of an impeccable leader in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Supreme Court Justice Wil Schroder. I got the privilege to meet Justice Schroder on several occasions in both a professional and personal capacity. Truly an honor!

In listening to the sermon at his mass, the priest compared the life of Justice Schroder to that of how Erasmus described Thomas More. Champion of the poor and those treated unfairly, dedicated and loyal friend, tenacious friend-maker!

It was said that Thomas More was the first person to use the word integrity in language. As you heard more people speak to the life of Justice Schroder, it was evident that he was a living example of integrity.

He led with fairness and honor as a judge and Justice, and he lived with fairness and honor as a man, husband, and father. He without a doubt was what we expected of others.

“No one is less led by the opinions of the crowd, yet no one departs less from common sense.” – Erasmus

This quote is likewise describing Thomas More, but just as easily could have been speaking about Justice Schroder.

Life puts people in our lives for a reason. We are able and should seek to learn something from everyone we meet. The life of Justice Schroder taught me a lot about character, integrity, honor, reasonableness, and fairness. Character traits that I will likewise attempt to emulate as I live my life. I encourage you to seek out people that you can emulate to do the same.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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